Thanos P. Hatzianagnostou
  Vassilis S. Malamas
  Panos A. Hatzianagnostou
Lefteris I. Maraboutakis
  George A. Hatzianagnostou
  Maria P. Anestopoulou
  Minas G. Hatzigiannis
  Dimitra V. Giannakou
  Vasso N. Papakonstantinou
  Errika C. Loram


Attorney-at-Law Court of Appeals, born Athens, Greece. Admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 2003.
Education: Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) - Faculty of Law (LLB).

Languages: Greek, English, Italian.

Practice Areas:
Civil Law, Land and Property, Tax Law, Corporate and Intellectual Property Law (pharmaceutical industry), Litigation.


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